Animation with children in the foundation stage

It is always the same.  Share an idea and get an even better idea back!

foggyforestI have been investigating Lotte Reiniger films recently and thinking about how they can be used in the classroom.  Whilst talking about the films to two colleagues, they both mentioned how similar they were to Nick Sharratt’s book The Foggy Foggy Forest.

The book makes an excellent link with the film through the use of silhouettes.

It would be great over the course of a few days  to show the children one or two Reiniger films such as Cinderella (do watch the animation through yourself as they draw heavily on the Grimm’s versions of the tales) and then read the book following the clues to discover who is in the picture.   You could then show children how to animate one of the characters from the book.

Enlarge one of the silhouette pictures such as the fairy bouncing on the trampoline or the witch on her broomstick..  Cut out the fairy and the trampoline and place under a camera linked to animation software.  Zu3d would be good for reception children.  Show the children how to take 12 shots to begin with and then 1 shot every time you move her.  Move her up slowly and then back down slowly, capturing the shots.  Play back what you have captured and discuss how smooth it is, whether your hands are in the shots or not.  If necessary create another bounce and watch back again.

Once you have a bounce that you like, ask the children how many bounces you would like the fairy to do and copy and paste your shots ending with 12 shots of her on the trampoline.

This would need to be modelled for the children and then they would need some support but the equipment and props can be set up in the classroom and left available for children to use.

Do you know of any other books that link well with animations?  If do do let me know about them and thanks Becca and Nicola for the idea!

Downloading Video from YouTube

‘We can’t get YouTube in school.  How can I download a video to use it?’  It is almost guaranteed that this question will be asked after using video in training or in schools.  Well thanks to Jenny Luca at Lucacept for passing on this fantastic resource because now you can use KickYouTube.

This is simplicity itself.  You find the video that you want and then in url box you type in kick before youtube.

You will then be offered a range of file types to save.  

I choose MP4.  Then go to the end of the row.




Once you have chosen where to store the download, it will just carry out the operation.  For playback I use RealPlayer or Quicktime.  It won’t playback in my version of Windows Media Player.