Forgetting and Remembering

I had forgotten, and then rediscovered photopeach!  Since I last visited photopeach has added the facility to include a quiz.
Working Walls on PhotoPeach
Children under 13 must have the registration form completed by a parent/guardian.  There are a myriad of uses for teachers.  What do you do with all those photos taken during trips or of the up and coming christmas play?  I find it easier to use than Animoto although there is not the same choice of music available to accompany the film.

Great Video for the Literacy Classroom

This has to be my all time favourite video to be used as a model for children to create their own instructional videos.

How To Make Folding Machine TshirtClick here for more blooper videos

I love the way it uses still images to show what you need and that these are are inside the film rather than as a list at the beginning.  The music gives it a jaunty, easy to do rather comic feel and the end product is just so good!

More great videos to use in the literacy classroom

Three Word Videos

What a wonderful event and what a wonderful idea.  Thanks @AngelaStockman for sharing it.  Make a video of three words that sum up your experience.  Here are the films from the Special Olympics.  I am amazed at the number of different ways they found to share those words.

We could use this to summarise just about anything: a special event, learning, how we feel, what we are looking forward to, our favourite book, what we like about writing.  in fact the list is endless.  Having just finished a project about guided writing this would have made a wonderful starting point and end point to see if attitudes towards writing have changed.  You could even use it to tell a story about yourself with a carefully chosen image. 

These 3 WordsThe best video clips are here

It seems that even abcNews has a slot for our three word videos.

What would your three words be?

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Great Video – Searching on the Internet

Teaching children how to search the internet is a skill that all need.  The great wealth of information means that is a necessity.  This video is a brilliant way of introducing searching to KS2 children to ensure that are effective from Lee Lefever at Commoncraft.


If you are looking for models of explanations to share with children, then Lee’s films fit the bill.  Write your next explanation on film.

 And now from Google, a great serach engine, KidRex,  that has been designed for children that has Google SafeSearch behind it to filter inappropriate sites.  Give it a go!

Other great videos for the literacy classroom: No Two People Read The Same Book


Photo Story 3 versus Animoto

There is a lot of talk at the moment about Animoto.  This is a site that you upload your images to, you can now add text and add music and it will then turn  your pictures into a film zooming in and out of the images and changing the transitions.

My question is how is this different/better than Photo Story 3?  With Photo Story 3 there are none of the e-safety issues which admittedly  Animoto have found a way around but it involves setting up dummy emails etc.  Anyone got any views on this?