Resources for writing persuasive texts

We are frequently asked for good texts to use as models for persuasive writing.  We don’t have any books on our list of texts that teach which are persuasive because that is not the form that these texts come in.  However, this morning I received two different types of persuasive texts through the post.  The first is from the British Legion asking for money using  the 70th annniversary of D-Day as a focus.


There is a letter with the ‘call to action’ explaining how you can donate money and why.  There is a leaflet which contains four stories of unsurpassed bravery.  Making an emotional link with people is a very powerful persuasive device and this leaflet does it really well. Finally there is a small union jack leaflet which has space on the back for you write a message of thanks to the D-Day heroes.  This is returned in the envelope provided with your donation.  This pack would make a great model for Yr6 pupils to create their own around something that they feel strongly about.

The second is a brochure for cars from BMW and how easily they can be purchased for just a small amount each month. It would suit Yrs 3 and 4 where they could create a persuasive leaflet about pets, toys or  new PE equipment they would like in school.



There are also some good resources online.  Here are some of the ones that I have used recently:

What are your favourite resources for persuasion?

6 of the best persuasive text resources

Most teachers who look at persuasive texts use adverts for at least one of the units so here are some of my favourite places to look for texts that are rich enough to base a unit of work around.

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  1. is one of the best places for ads seen on televsion.  The quality is often better than those found on YouTube and there is an enormous range.  The Yeo Valley farmers rapping is one of my favourites but there is so much on here.  We use the Corsa Hide and Seek advert for our persuasive teaching sequence.  Although expensive, there is an option to buy the adverts on DVD and for those schools where gaining access to these sorts of resources is tricky, this might be an option.
  2. is a very rich source of adverts having television, radio and print adverts.  This is a subscription service so you can’t access the film adverts but you can search and find out titles.  I use this site for print adverts.  There are lots of ways of seraching – by media, by content, by advertising agency etc.  I have several favourites on here but some include the Golf R series,  the Mercedes Benz left and right side series and the Honda Jazz Grandmother advert.  These would make great texts for guided reading.
  3. type a movie into the search box and 1991-beauty-and-the-beast-poster1find a movie poster.  These are fantastic and suitable for guided reading focusing in on the text and its position, colour, light and framing.  Many of the posters I looked at have a blue to black colour scheme.  That would make an interesting literacy investigation.  Which is the most commonly used colour in children’s movie posters and why?
  4. Be Adwise from smart media is a great online resource for teachers.  Module 1 is an introduction to advertising for 6 – 11 yr olds.  It focuses on the language of tv advertising, creating your own tv advert, how an ad is made, selling celebrities and what happens when ads get it wrong.  This is an excellent resource.  The site requires a login but is free to use and download resources.
  5. Film Education has to have the most comprehensive range of generic activities and those linked to specific films for children.  It is a real treasure trove.  One of the resources available is a booklet about Teaching Trailers. This site is a must for all teachers interested in teaching about and creating film.
  6. is a rich source of tv adverts easily searchable by alphabet or type of advert.  One of the best things about this site is the ease with which you can download the ads.

golfDo you have any favourite places to find persuasive texts?  Do let us know.