February’s Facebook Series – grammar subject knowledge for teachers

For every work day in Janury we posted a warming up the word game on our Facebook page.  One of the things that struck me was how many of the games could end up with children creating poetry out of the game.  I do wonder if we should be doing 2 or 3 days of poetry at the start of evey unit to tap into the unused wordhoard that children have and to put words together in unusual ways whatever the text type.

grammar1This month we are posting grammar subject knowledge videos, about two a week.  These are short videos that explain grammar for teachers and are made up of all the bits of grammar that we talk to teachers about regularly.  The videos would be suitable for teachers and those training to be teachers, teaching assistants, one to one tutors and anyone else who supports children in developing their writing.  They will be released on Facebook or they can all be seen on our website.

Sandra our resident grammar expert is making the videos using Smart Notebook and the smart recorder. What a powerful tool!  We have worked out a series of videos which she is in the middle of making.

The first six are already up on our site, but what we would like to know is which aspects of grammar you would like explained.  If you let us know by leaving a comment, we will create a video explaining it.