Books that I have been enjoying

Over the summer holidays I normally update our texts that teach lists.  These are books that we think support the teaching of literacy.  On my desk I have a pile of new ones passed to me by our fantastic School Library Service so a big thank you to @bogchild for them all.  Here are a few of my favourite.

dragonTell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris is a fantastical look at the dragons that we carry around with us.  The book ends with a an invitation for the reader to share their dragon.  The language is rich in description and enables us to create images out of the words.

A great patterned text.  Jacke also wrote the wonderful Snow Leopard which is also on our list.


Monsters – An Owner’s Guide by Jonathan Emmett and Mark Oliver is very funny.  The guide takes us through assembling the monster , taking care of it, trouble shooting and ending with a lifetime guarantee.   I did spot a monster called Bumfluff in the book.  I bet children find it faster than I did!

I have written before about the wonderful StoryWorld cards that support inventing stories.  The latest set by John and Caitlin Matthews is the Mad Professor’s Workshop.  There is a great range of cards, many which will remind you of stories that you already know.  How about the Mad Professor himself, the room of mirrors, the time ticket and the wrong ingredients.  We pick out a few of the cards, identify a blueprint and then tell a story using them.

Jumpstart Story Making by Pie Corbett

Games and activities for ages 7 – 12

This is one of Pie’s latest books based on his recent work around talk for writing .  The book is packed full of ideas for developing children’s story telling and story making.  The sections based around creative warm-ups and strengthening the imagination are especially valuable for dev eloping a writer’s ethos in the classroom.

If you search for this book on Amazon, you can look inside the first few pages and see some of the activities.  I like the idea of Video Writing as a way of releasing words from children.

All KS2 teachers should have a copy of this book.


Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog by Mini Grey

If you enjoyed Traction Man Is Here then you will also enjoy this latest book from Mini Grey. 

Once again Traction Man has a series of adventures only this time Scrubbing Brush goes missing and Traction Man is on a mission to find him.

Everyone will remember Traction Man’s all-in-one knitted green romper suit.  Well in this book he has a range of suitable clothing from his Airtight Astro Suit with Glass Head-Globe to his Elasticated Micro-Suit.

This book is a must for every school library and is going on our Texts that Teach  when we next update it.

The website has a good short biography of Mini Grey.  You’ll never guess why she is called Mini.