Nudging Towards Use

christmastreeI have just read a reveiw (scroll down the page after clicking to see the review) of the book Nudge by Thaler and Sunstein and I think it was what I was trying to do today when introducing online collaborative tools to my colleagues.  By showing how I use them and the difference they make to my work I was nudging them towards making a decision to use them in their work.

‘For a nudge to be successful it needs to be ‘anchored’. You are unlikely to choose well when you don’t know what the decision will ‘look like’ or what the benefits of that decision will be. It is hard to overstate the impact of peer pressure – we nudge each other all the time – and social influences are very powerful.’

I showed bookmarking, blogging and Voice Thread; two ideas that we can use in our own work and one that we can use with children (although I know that children can use bookmarking and blogging as well).  One of the tools that attracted a lot of  attention was the bookmarking and in particular diigo for its tools to highlight and comment on texts.  There are several areas of our work where reading and critiquing are important aspects and this would be a tool that would facilitate it.

And if you were wondering what it is in the photo, this is the christmas tree that my team made out of newspaper and masking tape in the afternoon.  It was required to stand on its own and to have an angel on top.  Although we fulfilled the criteria, ours was not the most aesthetically pleasing, looking a tad scruffy.

Online Collaboration

This week I will be working with a group of consultants, literacy and maths, thinking about online collaboration before we have our christmas meal.  They don’t just want the ‘how do you do it’ but want some of the ‘why do you do it?’ particularly where twitter is involved I suspect.

butwhy I want to share some of the things that I use regularly; bookmarking – delicious and diigo, blogging to include twitter and then google docs.  The thing is, I use these things so often that they are part of my every day working and I haven’t thought about why I use them for  a long time.   I just take them for granted.

Why use bookmarking?

  • share and see others’ websites which gives a far greater variety than I have the time or inclination to search for
  • allows us to share particular resources such as those for a course with tagging- quick and easy
  • I fnd my most frequently used bookmark icons on firefox the quickest and easiest way to access the sites I visit most frequently
  • highlighting text and commenting on documents that are being used for studying and even better when working in a group
  • bookmarks  available from any computer with online access

Why do I blog?

  • today I am using it to organise my thoughts and hoping that someone will comment and add ideas
  • sharing resources and ways of using them
  • discussing ideas
  • reflecting and learning
  • access to a people who are experts in their field and joining in their conversations

Why do I use google docs?

  • one of the easiest ways to collaborate real time in a variety of ways now that etherpad is no longer viable

The upshot of all this is to share and to learn with and from others.  They give me access to thoughts, ideas and resources that I don’t get from anywhere else.  And why do I want this? Because I want to be able to use tools that children may well be familiar with but in ways that they may not be using them.  To learn.

Why do you use collaborative tools?

But Why? Image from alternatePhotography

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