Hello and welcome to our blog.  I am Joy Simpson and I am part of the Babcock LDP Primary Literacy team.

This blog is part of the support package that we offer to all schools in Devon, and anyone else who is interested in literacy teaching and learning.

The aims of this blog are to share resources that we use, discover and are sent that are worthwhile.  This runs alongside our website www.deseducation.org/literacy where we store all our documents and advice about literacy teaching and learning.

If you would like to contact us please do so by either commenting on the blog, by emailing me at joy.simpson@babcockinternational.com or by @joysimpson on twitter.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Joy,
    Your blog has some great tips for using Web 2.0 tools to improve literacy. I like how you’ve set it up with multimedia clips too. That makes it a much richer experience for a reader. It’s also a nice, basic design – no clutter! Hope the 31 Day Challenge is going well for you!

    • Thanks Errin. This whole 31 days has been such a learning experience for me. It would have taken me years to learn what I am learning with this group.

    • Hi Ariellah
      I was on twitter as @joysimpson. I changed the name so that others would recognise me. I will change the name on this site.

  2. I’m a secondary English teacherenjoying reading your blog even though it’s primary focussed. I tried subscribing but the RSS feed isn’t working.

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