KS1 Assessment and reporting arrangements

The assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA) are now out for KS1 here. They are in a very different format and if you are not familiar with the ARA then it will be difficult to know what to search for. Below I have summarised what is in each section so that at the very least you can search for a section and read everything about , missing nothing!

Section 1 Introduction – how to use the format that the manual is in.

Section 2 – Key changes. This is a very brief overview of the changes to the tests in 2016.

Section 3 Key dates.

Section 4 National curriculum tests. In this section you will find more detail about the tests, sample materials, test frameworks, test orders, modified materials and delivery of test materials.

section 5 Participation in tests. This section is interesting because on the video released by the STA it states that all pupils should have access to paper 2 in reading but here it states that pupils who are working below the standards of the test do not need to take it.  It suggests that a sample paper is used to inform decisions about working below the test standard. Headteachers will need to write a report about any pupil not taking the test, explaining why, refering to actions to support the pupils, identify procedures used to analyse and monitor the pupil’s needs, indicate where the information is recorded and identify whether this is a long or short term circumstance.

Section 6 Test administration. Schools can undertake the tests anytime in May. Details are included about pupils who move school during May.

Section 7 Phonics screening check.

Section 8 Teacher assessment. Moderation information is still not available yet so there will be updates to this document once this has been finalised. This section also details pupils working below the standard of the national curriuclum, what happens when pupils change schools and reporting results at the end of KS1.

Section 9 Reporting to parents. This details what reports must contain and detail about RE.

Section 10 Keeping and maintaining records.

Section 11 Legal requirements and responsibilities. Of particular interest will be the reponsibilities of Heads, teachers and governors.

There will be a PDF version available in October.

Happy reading.

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