Paradise Garden and holiday monster

If you are a fan of Colin Thompson’s books then you will no doubt already enjoy The Paradise Garden.  We love this book for a range of reasons: it is just perfect; it shows a great voyage and return blueprint; it speaks to most children; the images are very engaging.

What I love most about it though, is the language and sentence construction (I am a primary literacy adviser!).  I particularly enjoy the first three pages where the sentences get longer and longer as Peter relaxes in to his new environment.  Whilst working with the latest group of SCITT trainees we were wrestling with contexts in which we could get children to do the same thing.  One trainee mentioned being uptight before going on holiday and then relaxing as you get to your destination.

That jogged our memories about the advert where Simon the Ogre goes on holiday, gradually relaxes and then becomes a normal human being.  A perfect context for playing with sentence length.  The more he relaxes, the longer our sentences get.  Brilliant!

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