The past is always tense, the future perfect.

If you are working in Yr6 you are probably starting to think about the grammar test that pupils will now have to sit.  Whilst it is Yr6 who will have to do the test, the implications are for everyone  in school.

We have had a lot of requests for books/resources/practise papers but feel that until we have a bit more detail, we can’t do anything concrete.  We know that publishers are selling books that practise grammar tests.  However, just because grammar is being tested in a particular way  does not mean that it has to be taught in an out of context, name the parts type of way.

So, how can we help?

We have decided to review and develop our grammar pages.  For each aspect of grammar that children need to get to grips with, we have included a short video that explains the subject knowledge needed.  We have then listed places where we have ideas for teaching the grammar, mainly Think Writing but also some of the more popular books about teaching writing such as Pie Corbett’s.  Finally, we have chosem some texts from our texts that teach lists that specifically teach that element of grammar, linked to teaching sequences and some more detailed grammar lessons.

Would this help you?  Please let us know via the comments including any suggestions that you have that would make it more  useful.

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