Harold, the purple crayon and dipdap

One of my favourite books for the fantasy unit in Yr1 is Harold and the Purple Crayon.  It follows a fairly popular tradition in children’s fiction where the pencil crayon draws the character into trouble and out of it again and again.  Anthony Browne’s Bear Hunt did the same thing as did Doodling Daniel.

The book lends itself to children doodling or drawing their own stories on large sheets of paper telling the story as they draw.  In fact the doodles become the story plan.

But I also think this type of book links well to animation.  In fact there is a 1950s animation of the book, see below, but what I  think it links best to is the wonderful CBeebies animation DipDap.  Children could explore drawing lines bit by bit and capturing this using animation software.  They could then choose some suitable music to go with the animation.

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