5 great presents for teachers

It’s that time of year when every magazine that I open contains pages of possible presents for children, men, teenagers, grandparents etc but very rarely teachers.  Quite a few of my friends are teachers and we like to give each other something small but useful for work  at Christmas.  As I am trying to do most of my shopping online I thought I would share a few of my favourite things.

pencilpotI don’t know if you remember making pencil holders out of toilet or ktchen roll inners.  I have certainly received a few in my time but I think this pencil holder goes one step further – a pencil pot made out of a recycled telephone book.  Not only is it fantastic but it also comes with a great set of instuctions which are always useful in a literacy classroom.

This next present is always useful.  A Fatbear memory stick.  I love the colours and shape of them and have quite a collection myself.  Because of their colour they are not as difficult to lose as some of the other memory sticks I have had.fatbears

I can’t emugwarmerven begin to count the number of cups of tea that have gone cold before I have managed to drink them, so this little gadget is a winner.  A USB mug warmer.  Simply plug it into a spare USB port and hey presto a hot drink waiting for you.

fruitholderIn the literacy centre there are often bits of fruit rolling around the desk and work table, usually left over from lunches with teachers.  What we need is something attractive to put the fruit on and I particularly like this fruit dish – or to give it its proper name a silicone fruit holder.  No more rolling around now!

And finally many staffrooms that I visit have glass mugs so a tea inffuser like this wouldbe a real treat.  Open teainfuserit up, pop your tea leaves in and then let if float around the mug.  Brilliant.  Perfect for herbal teas as well as normal tea.

What are you buying this year?

8 thoughts on “5 great presents for teachers

  1. Love these Joy, especially the USB mug warmer. Daren’t buy it as I am the idiot that threw a freshly made cup of tea over my 2 week old laptap! I was very lucky and a “nice man” in Compusys saved it for me; plus a weekend spent open like a tent in my very hot conservatory!

    • I’ve done the same myself! I do have a wonderful lizard that asomeone gave me that plugs into my usb port and his tongue darts out every now and then. I hadn’t realised what wonderful things you can get with a usb connection.

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