Storytelling as part of Talk for Writing

If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life.

Siberian Elder in StoryWorld by John and Caitlin Matthews

I have been experimenting with inventing sessions for two terms now.  Inventing is where children become text-tellers, story tellers and non-fiction tellers and  I am always on the lookout for resources to support this work. I recently came across StoryWorld by John and Caitlin Matthews.

storyworldThis pack contains a set of cards and a book explaining how the cards can be used to create stories.  The children that I have used the cards with have enjoyed exploring the pictures and finding the  links between the cards  but I have enjoyed the back of the cards best.

For instance the Star Blanket card says on the back ‘I am a blanket woven from the starry sky’s protection.’  There are then listed three questions that will help the storyteller get started with some ideas.

The book that comes with the pack has a number of suggestions for the ways in which the cards can be used to create stories.  One of the ways in which the cards could be introduced is to think of stories that the card reminds you of.  For instance the Star Blanket card reminds me of The Princess’s Blankets by Carol Ann Duffey.

This is a beautiful resource that I will be dipping into again and again.  There are several different packs of cards such as Stories of the Sea, a Quest pack, Animal Tales and Faery Magic.

These cards reminded me of the myths and legends cards that were in the Further Literacy Support pack and were therefore in most schools.  If you have lost your pack or set of cards you can download them (scroll down the page you have clicked on to see the cards in colour)  and print them off in colour.  These cards can be used in exactly the same way but don’t have the same supports on the back.

What resources do you use to help children become storytellers?

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