Resource Round Up – January

I thought that about twice a month I would offer a round-up of resources that I have come across via twitter or blogs as I usually end up with too many to blog about individually.

piedpiperMy favourite resource so far is this wonderful blog post of  50 digital fairy tale images.  They are fantastic and I will be using them in all sorts of ways in my work. Thanks to @englishteach8 for the retweet via @LatestWeb about them.

I came across Perform a Poem on twowhizzy’s delicious bookmarks.  What a wonderful idea and resource for poetry teaching.  As we are taking part in a poetry and animation project we will definitely be uploading some or our work to this site.

I heard about The Invention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures from @Joga5 on his blog Ponderings and Musings.  This rags to riches story is told through text, hand drawn images and photos from film and is very clever.  I have ordered my own copy and hope to introduce it to some teachers fairly soon.  You would need a visualiser to share this text with children.

I also came across this drama website from @Joga5.  it is a wonderful place to get ideas for drama plus drama activities that you can use every day.

2 thoughts on “Resource Round Up – January

  1. What a great resource the fairy tale illustrations are! I would love to get kids talking about which they prefer and why, and which are truest to their own vision of the story.

    Thanks for sharing these Joy. You’ve reminded me it’s time I did one on my own round-ups.

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