Shortcut by David Macaulay

I am a big fan of David Macaulay and would use him as an author and illustrator to study because he has such a range of non-fiction and fiction that I think there is something for everyone.  Macualay is obviously fascinated by the way things are constructed and how they work.

One of my favourite books is Shortcut.  This tells the story of Albert and his trusty mare who are on their way to the market to sell their watermelons.  The journey however, is not smooth and all sorts of things get in the way or go wrong and everything becomes very confused.  Everything is eventually sorted and restored to its rightful place making  it a great story to look at cause and effect.   It is also a story that uses Christopher Booker’s blueprint of comedy.  In this we have fives stages

  1. two  or more things or people are brought together
  2. someone does something and everything becomes confused
  3. it becomes even more confused
  4. everything is revealed
  5. they live happily ever after

Black and White also follows the comedy blueprint.

See Macaulay talk about his work on TED.

Other blueprints are voyage and return

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