Updating Digital Fiction with Digital Poetry

I have to say a big thank you to @mtechman for sharing this resource but now we have digital poetry from Poemsthatgo.  This is poetry that is written especially for the digital age and only works digitally.

Poetry that Goes is kinetic poetry, i.e poetry that moves and stems from concrete poetry.  The site details how this poetry came to be and several of the forms offer great study for the primary classroom.

I particularly like the Figure 5 Media Series inspired by William Carlos William from the 2001 archives.  It offers a great model for responding creatively to a poem through text, image, video and links.

The inspirations section is fascinating and offers several ideas and resources.  Seedsigns is fascinating and is almost a phonics lesson (although we might sound out the p and the h together to make f as a digraph ;-)), it make sfor an interesting discussion and reading of the words.  I also like the ABC game although I haven’t quite ‘got it’.

I had to work quite hard to understand some of the poetry, in fact to read the words with the speed at which they appeared, but this is a site well worth investigating and some of the poems are fantastic to use as models with the children.

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