The Digital Narrative

I have been sharing ideas over the past few weeks about digital storytelling and have previously mentioned the website The Digital Narrative .  This site is such a wealth of information that I thought it would be worthwhile pointing out some of my favourite parts of this site.

The front page is where updates about new resources for storytelling are listed plus what is happening generally on the site.  At the moment there is a link to Vuvox which looks like a great tool for upper KS2 pupils to use.  I shall definitely be using this tool to share the photos from our Talk for Writing Conference on the 4th February.

The Media Library part of the site is a list of resources to support digital storytelling with links.  Here Vozman looks like it might be worth investigating.

If it is ideas for storytelling that you are looking for then the Teaching Method page is the one to head for.  I particularly like the video on this page because it reminds me why we should be engaging with digital storytelling with children.  From this page you can also find links to a list of digital fiction written by children and adults.  This is a great place to start to discuss why a particular way of telling a story has been chosen and its effectiveness.

And finally, if you would like to see more websites abut digital storytelling head for the Resources page.

There is something for everyone here.  Enjoy.




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