Voki for Digital Storytelling Part 1

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Click on the play button to hear what she has to say.

Five (or more) things to do with Voki in a literacy classroom

  1. Create an avatar for a character in a book and tell us something they would say.
  2. Create a series of characters from a book, e.g. the wolf and the three little pigs, and tell us the story form thier point of view.  It would have to be short because the characters only speak for 1 minute.
  3. Put together a 1 minute speech about a favourite book, trying to persuade somebody to do something etc. and get a voki character to speak it.  This would be particularly good for children who reluctant to stand up and talk in front of others.
  4. Get a Voki to speak five or so words that you want to learn how to spell and leave gaps after you have said them to give you time to write the word down.  Use the Voki to practise your spellings.
  5. If you use wikis  with children, they could produce a Voki to go on their page to introduce themselves.  In fact they could be quite useful where you might not want to include real images of children.
  6. The children could produce characters to read out poetry that they have written.  These could be shared with a link/penpal school.
  7. Tell a story in five Vokis – a bit like tell a story in six words or tell a story in five frames.
  8. Although this isn’t literacy, I can see a great use for these in KS2 with MFL
  9. .

So what could 9 and 10 be?  Let me know either by leaving me a comment or if you have already used Voki, leave a comment on my Voki.

Part 2 of using Voki will look at how to create a voki and some of the e-safety issues.

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6 thoughts on “Voki for Digital Storytelling Part 1

    • I have been and looked and as usual you have all the information people could need about Voki and about loads more digital stroytelling tools. Thanks for visiting and keep up the good work inspiring people to enter the world of digital story telling.

    • Good idea. Instead of Voices in the Park it could be Vokis in the Park. I think we might make one of these as a team!
      For those of you who haven’t met Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne, I can not recommend it highly enough. It tells the story of going to the park from 4 characters viewpoints.

  1. What a fantastic blog you ave here! I have only touched on literacy on my blog but this site is fantastic. It will be such a great reference to use when I am peer mentoring in ICT. There are so many sites out there with links to educational web2.0 technologies but you have gone that extra step and included ways to use the resource. Your ideas are invaluable.

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