Doing More with Powerpoint

Using PowerpointPlex

This is a downloadable add on for Powerpoint that means that you can set up slideshows that can travel through the slides in any order and can zoom in and out on any of the slides.  (This is a bit like the movement in Photo Story 3).  Have a look at it on this video.

You do need to have Powerpoint 2007 or a later version but it will enhance story telling slideshows that your class make.  Click here to go to Office Labs to download the application.

5 thoughts on “Doing More with Powerpoint

  1. Unfortunately I don’t have Powerpoint 2007 but have seen a colleague use it. He was able to enter into a discussion with the delegates going back to previous slides and zooming in on particular things. What was particularly good was that he also went forwards and dealt with an issue when it was raised, bringing up the relevant slide. I wouldn’t have been able to do this so easily on my old pre 2007 version. The effect of doing this was that the delegates really felt listened to.

  2. I can see what you mean about pptplex Joy! It would be really useful for zooming into the parts of a presentation that we want enlarged. Often we hyperlink to text that needs to be a bit larger. I wonder if the zoom would work on any hyperlinked document too?

    Perhaps this would have been an alternative for that presentation we were planning the other day. We could have zoomed in on part of the picture, rather than use the magic pen in Smart.

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